"The CLUSTERPLAST project is supported by the European commission and gathers six European regional clusters in the field of polymer converting industry.

The overall goal of CLUSTERPLAST is to support this industry to meet the challenges of changes in the global economy. The project aims, in particular, to build a Joint Action Plan (JAP) devoted to identify innovation breakthroughs, to promote industrial and technology synergies and to propose common development strategies.

ISTMA Europe is a project partner which will involve external experts through a satellite group to support the establishment of this JAP.

The satellite group will be involved in the reviewing of the joint action plan proposed by the CLUSTERPLAST project members. This will be done through the attendance to review sessions at different time of the project. The review sessions will consist in one day meetings including the presentation by the project team of the progress of the work, the examination by the satellite group of the presented material and the recording of the main recommendations or insights provided by the satellite group members."