The year 2017 was a reference for the Portuguese Moulds Industry. The sector's exports reached a record value, amounting to more than 675 million euros, becoming the best year ever, in terms of production and export, for the sixth consecutive time, according to the data presented by CEFAMOL.

Compared with previous year (2016), which the exports value overcome, for the first time, the 600 million euro (reaching 626 million euros), 2017 represented an increase of about 8%, being the total value of production estimated at 794 million euros.

When compared to the beginning of the decade, more specifically the year 2010, the value for exports represents more than the double. This growth shows that Portugal, over the years, has demonstrated a high capacity to adapt to the needs of its customers and to the evolution of markets and technologies.

A further indicator to be highlighted, was the creation of liquid employment in the sector. Since the beginning of the decade the mouldmaking industry has recruited for its companies over three thousand people.