MOULDING EXPO, International Trade Fair for Tool, Pattern and Mould Making, will move from the originally planned exhibition halls when it is held in May 2019 for the third time. The reason for the changed hall occupation was the move by the "Automotive Shows" to Halls 2, 4, 6 (Oskar Lapp Hall), 8 (Allfred Kärcher Hall) and 10 (Paul Horn Hall). 

Messe Stuttgart will optimise the hall occupation for MOULDING EXPO 2019 following the decision by the British event organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd. to move all its concurrent events for the automotive component supply industry to the southern area of the trade fair grounds. The walking routes for visitors will become even more attractive by retaining four standard halls in the direct vicinity of the Entrance East and Entrance West, and by using the lobby of the Entrance East for the newly created "Plastic Products Forum". 

During the new site planning, the organisers of MOULDING EXPO also gave some thought to topic assignment. Halls 3 and 5 will therefore probably contain tool, pattern and mould making companies while Halls 7 and 9 will be occupied by suppliers to the industry. "We believe that this constellation will enable both exhibitors and visitors to carry out good, logical planning," said Florian Niethammer, Project Manager for MOULDING EXPO. 

The most important representatives of the tool, pattern and mould making industry will present their products and services at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre from 21 to 24 May 2019. Due to the time distance from the Whitsun holidays, the concurrent exhibition "Plastic Products Forum" of the Association of Technical Plastic Products GKV/TecPart and the "Automotive Shows", Messe Stuttgart is again expecting a much higher number of exhibitors and visitors than in 2017.