The 2018 ISTMA General Assembly was held in Zurich (Switzerland), on April 12, hosted by Swissmem – Swiss National Association. Besides official meetings delegates had the opportunity to networking share experiences, ideas and concerns about the present situation of the Toolmaking Industry worldwide and to visit GF (ISTMA Global Partner) facilities as well as other local companies (Otto Hofstetter and Oerlikon Balzers).

ISTMA General Assembly was chaired by ISTMA President, Bob Williamson, gathering representatives from fourteen member countries plus ISTMA Global Partners to debate activities performed by the Confederation and the present status of the industry.

The Assembly also formally approved the 2017 Management Report and Accounting as well as the Plan of Activities and Budget for 2018.

Presentations, reports and other information shared in the reunion will be available for members on ISTMA website private area.