The ISTMA Board of Directors meeting took place in Milan (Italy), on January 30 and 31, 2017, organized in close cooperation with UCISAP - the Italian National Association. Arranged to prepare the next world meeting and General Assembly in Brazil, this meeting was extended to a few guests with an historic knowledge of ISTMA invited to provide inputs to the strategy for the next period.

There was a total of 12 representatives attending this meeting from countries that included Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and the USA.

Members proposed and discussed projects and initiatives to be launched by the next Presidency (to be formally elected in Brazil) during its three years' mandate. Enlargement of membership, creation of working groups with common interests, promotion of ISTMA brand, involvement of member companies, were some of the issues discussed.

Christian Dihlmann from member association ABINFER, presented the ISTMA World Conference to be held in Joinville Brazil this June 27 to 30. More information can be obtained on this event by going to website