'Emerging industry trends and innovative machining solutions' for plastic injection moulds was the subject of the webinar that took place on April 28, bringing together online more than ninety industry professionals coming from around the world. The subject was highlighted by the Swiss business group +GF+, ISTMA Global Partner, which presented some of the solutions it offers to the market in laser technology as well as three and five-axis machining.

ISTMA President, Bob Williamson, on its welcome address noted the relevance of the technical webinars that the Association is promoting throughout the year, in order to inform and debate with industry stakeholders new solutions, trends and ways to increase the success of companies.

Anirudha Upadhyay and Jean Paul Nicolet were the invited speakers of this webinar, highlighting that the company works together with its customers, from the beginning of the process, in order to find the best technical solutions and provide innovative answers. One of the examples they presented was the development of some techniques they have adopted, in order to reduce the amount of plastic in the parts and the possibility of making the products recyclable and the whole process more sustainable.

The solutions they provide to the market, embodied in the laser technology, ensure "excellent results in issues such as complexity, functionality, finishing, textures and sustainability", they guaranteed, noting that, by using it, companies "save time and reduce errors", since "they include several steps in a single machine, combining different technologies". GF representatives added that methods and processes of their machines are a good option for any customer sector, from the automotive to electronics, packaging or medical industries.

The presentation included examples of various types of techniques and practical applications.

The +GF+ Group (George Fisher) has over 200 years of experience in the sector. Based in Switzerland, it is dedicated to the development of machines, piping systems and foundry solutions, with a presence in more than 50 countries. And, as enhanced by Anirudha Upadhyay, it develops its activity in partnership with research and innovation institutions, in order to provide the sector with the best and most effective technical solutions to "increase the productivity of companies".