Founded in 1973, AHP Merkle ( is one of the world leading company developing, designing and manufacturing high quality hydraulic cylinders. Headquartered in Gottenheim, near Freiburg (Germany) the company joined Global Partners Program promoted by ISTMA, improving its cooperation and relationship within tooling industry worldwide.

ISTMA and AHP MERKLE will develop and strengthen its collaboration platform, with both entities promoting networking activities that will help to create or add value within the tooling value chain.

ISTMA Global Partners Program will provide additional visibility and networking opportunities to AHP MERKLE allowing its participation on its meetings and reunions and providing special conditions for participation and sponsorship of industry events organized by ISTMA.

Initiatives such as specialized workshops, conferences and industry exhibitions or R&D projects, are among the activities that can be performed by both entities. Also, news about specific activities and events promoted by the Partners and valuable information for the tooling industry will be shared.

Agreement was signed for a two years period – 2019 and 2020.