- Organization of 2 meetings per year in Europe.

Organization of Workshops
- Take the opportunity for several stakeholders (Associations, R&D Centers, companies) to make presentations about their activities and expectations in associated projects for our business fields.
- Promote the participation in the workshops of member companies of ISTMA-E Associations from different countries.

ISTMA World Conference
- Support the organization of the Conference.
- Promotion of the event in the Associated Members and their Companies.

European R&D projects
- Support and participation in projects promoted by several ISTMA-E members.
- Support and participation in ManuFuture Initiatives.

Statistics and Market Information
- Promote the members participation in ISTMA World statistics.
- Follow-up on the Business Conditions Reports, every 6 months ( June / December ).

Promotion of ISTMA-E activities

- Institutional Brochure
- Website
- Collaboration with European Tool & Moldmaking Magazine.

Enlarge ISTMA-E membership
- Develop contacts with associations in non members countries.

Institutional level
- Develop contacts and meetings with European Union Commission.
- Develop contacts with ISTMA World countries.
- Participation on European Members visits to other ISTMA World Regions.