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Major dies
Very large stamping dies, such as those used to produce automobile components, begin with a computer designed model. They are then finished and ground by skilled craftsmen and sophisticated machine tools to exacting tolerances.
One set of these large dies may weigh up to one hundred tons or more and will produce many hundreds of thousands of identical, interchangeable parts.

Stamping dies

Stamping dies can be used to make large quantities of dependable parts from sheet metal in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes. Since the costs of producing the tooling are spread out overlong production runs, unit part costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, each part produced by the same die is identical, quality of the finished parts is completely uniform, and replacement is simple.
Everyday items often taken for granted are triumphs of tool engineering. High production does often run continuously for three shifts per day, five or six days per week, and may produce over one million units before requiring maintenance or re-sharpening.